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Mass Transit 105

Tips on negotiating a better price.

All things in life, including the cost of sailboat rides, are negotiable. Something is "worth," in dollars and cents, exactly the agreed upon price. at that moment, between a buyer and a seller, not a penny more or less.

One of the things that makes sailing so interesting are the many variables involved; type of occasion, time of year, weather, existing schedule/commitments and, of course, let's never forget the Captain's frame of mind.

We feel our rates are extremely reasonable and competitive to begin with. Of course, only you, with research, can be the best judge of that.

​In "booking" a sail with us, here are some of the factors that may help you achieve an even better price than what we consider to be the already fair market value listed:

The closer toward your desired sailing time that you and your group can get organized and actually pay for a sail, the more room for negotiation. The reason is simple: the more apparent it becomes that no one else is interested in that particular time "slot." For a captain who loves to sail...on a beautiful day.... there is nothing more aggravating and balloon popping than having his boat just sit there, forlorned; abandoned and unappreciated for all the joy she could be bringing. Make an offer. Don't be shy (or too stingy). The worst response can only be "No thanks." Nothing personal. "But wait too long and she might be gone" someone else of kindred spirit. This strategy works best for a family already at the beach, car parked, with cooler full of sandwiches and drinks in hand. Go for it! It's what vacations on the Vineyard are all about. make it happen!

Frequency.The more you sail with us the less you pay. Be careful, though. The ride can be physically and emotionally addicting. The more you sail the more you need to keep on sailing. The signs of boating addiction can be subtle indeed until, suddenly, it's too late...and you're forever hooked.....foolish enough to go out and get your own boat.

Recommend a friend,take a cut....why not? It's easy for you or anyone else to become an official broker forSailing Martha's VineyardAll you have to do is come out with us once, have a great time, (of course), and then steer other people, your friends, our way. Tell your friends to mention your name and they get an automatic, on-the-spot discount, that you can trust they will share with you, that you in turn can apply towards your next sail with us (because you had such a good time the first time). How's that for a business plan? Tell the world about"Mass Transit 105"and become a trillionaire overnight. Join the 1%. 

Weather.Sailing is definitely a weather business. For example, most people don't enjoy trying to sail when there is no wind. Lots of luck with that, btw. (We postpone/cancel if there is no wind....or if there is too much wind. Sorry, such decisions are at Captain's discretion....not yours.)  Nor, generally speaking, do people like sailing in the rain or with the threat of possible rain. After a life time in the business the captain has become actually, medically, allergic to the rain....(breaking out all over in grouchiness.) But....if you're so willing to sail in less than perfect weather conditions.....the captain can be bought and might be persuaded, with proper attitude, (grouchlessness), to do so for less than the going fair....(in spite of his allergy). Remember to remind the captain: Any "sale" is better than no "sail." Speaking of which, during rainy periods, look for what we call our advertised"$ale-on-Sail"discount coupons."Got the rainy day blues? Get ready to cruise  on "Mass Transit 105!"  With this coupon if you book a sail on a day when it is raining for another day when you suspect it won't be raining, you get an automatic 10% discount. How sweet is that? Sweet enough to get you off your butt and back into vacation mode? Absolutely. So cheer up. The sun is just over the horizon, heading your way.

Short on about bartering your product for sail time? Anything from frozen venison to a gift certificate from your store. Why not? What's good for the goose....right?

There are other tips but hope you understand we can't give them all away. Bottom line is, when you get right down to it, there aren't too many valid reasons NOT to go sailing on a nice day that was made for sailing. And rest assured, the Vineyard is full of perfect sailing days. It's up to you tomake it happen.

Member of the Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce. Vineyard Haven, MA

Member of the Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce. Vineyard Haven, MA