​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please note:
All sails are typically booked as "Private Charters," limited to the charterer and not more than 5 of her/his personal guests, making a total not to exceed 6 in your party.

All  charters come with USCG licensed captain. 

 The "crew" is you and your guests, unless you prefer otherwise.
(*Scroll down for "hired crew.")

Private Charters for 6:
$240 for a minimum 2 hour charter sail for a group of up to 6.

$100 per hour for each additional hour of charter, including optional stop overs (swim/picnic/exploration) on remote Elizabeth Islands.

          $340 for 2 hour Menemsha sunset sail or for any 2 hour sail that cuts into the scheduled sunset sail.
         $440 for 2 hour full moon, sleigh ride. (Bring your own blankets.)

*Hired Crew

Above prices reflect the fact that most parties prefer to be their own crew. Should your group feel otherwise for whatever reason,  with two days notice, an extra crew can be arranged at an additional cost of $20 per hour for day trips, negotiable for overnights.

Destination Sail

For an additional charge, your party can be picked up in one port and dropped off in another, either on or off Martha's Vineyard. Aside from Menemsha,  Martha's Vineyard ports-of-call or stop-overs, would include Lambert's Cove,  Tashmoo, Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs and Edgartown; each one offering its own special charm and character, especially while arriving by boat. Off Island ports-of-call would include but not be limited to Wood's Hole, New Bedford, Newport, Nantucket, etc.,  all very popular, one way, pick-up/drop-off destination harbors. Being picked up or dropped off from your own boat in Wood's Hole, for example, not only extends your vacation time by sailing into or out of your vacation but adds meaning and quality if not a whole lot of "flare" to it. Think of getting back to your car not as wasted or down time but rather all part of the on-going adventure.

For such one-way sails, price is based generally on the above rates but will reflect and varies with your particular needs and schedule, tidal currents, our existing commitments/schedule and the outside possibility of coordinating (to your benefit), with another interested party, the use of an otherwise empty "deadhead run" of the trip, (delivery or return).​​ ​The further ahead you book such a "destination" sail, the greater the chance

Individual tickets vs. Private Charters for 6:
Frequently, a charterer (with, say,  just one friend), under certain vacation time restraints, has the enthusiasm (and wherewithal) to book and pay for a Private Charter for 6 but is happier in knowing that others of kindred spirit (in the general public) might be available to come along for the ride and help share the cost. In such cases, at the charterer's request, the office will work to try to help arrange (but cannot guarantee) such mutually beneficial accommodations.

Conversely, individuals not having 6 in their party (to help share the cost of the sail) and unwilling to pay for a Private Charter (for 6) themselves but still wanting to sail (and willing to wait) can ask to be put on a list with others to be called by our office when opportunities for them to sail might present themselves. Just how many individuals (not more than 6) would be necessary to warrant creating such a "Public Sail" (vs. a Private Charter) and how much each individual is charged would be negotiable, depending on the weather and the captain's frame of mind.

Click here for tips on how to negotiate the best price for your sail.

(The Captain loves to sail. Make it happen!)

Member of the Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce. Vineyard Haven, MA

Member of the Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce. Vineyard Haven, MA